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My design style ranges in influence from minimalist swiss design to maximalist work informed by digital systems. I am particularly skilled at illustration and data visualization. I have worked as a design intern at the Richland Country Public Library and Garnet & Black magazine in addition to creating branding systems for many companies and events. My knowledge of design helps me build highly intelligible user interfaces. It also informs my art practice, and generally shapes my way of thinking to be iterative and user focused.



I am primarily focused on data science and machine learning; particularly generative adversarial networks, recurrent neural networks, and natural language processing. I have substantial programming experience from working at Quest software as a full stack SWE, with Pictet Asset Management as a data scientist, and as a freelance developer. I am particularly interested in financial engineering/ quantitative trading, generative art, and artificial general intelligence. My favorite languages are Python and C++, though I am skilled with many more.



I have created thousands of works of art (primarily paintings, sculptures, and generative artworks) including multiple large scale commission works for public and private institutions. My work has been featured in various publications and media outlets. I have also created virtual reality installations and art books. I am currently focused on expanding my digital art practice through the use of neural networks to produce novel images and music. I also write about the relationship between AI and creativity.

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I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and received my primary education at the Sacred Heart School and Zurich International School. After returning from abroad, I attended Loyola Blakefield Preparatory School for secondary education where I was deeply involved with multiple sports teams and clubs. In May of 2018 I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.F.A. in graphic design and minor in computer science. Among my notable achievements during my undergrad years where: working on $46,000 worth of public art grants, internships at CyberChain and the Richland County Public Library, developing an applied computing learning community with UofSC faculty, as well as creating winning programs at the Queen City Data Science Hackathon and the Entrepreneurship Club Hackathon. I am currently a student at the Ecole Polytechinque Federale de Lausanne in the Digital Humanities program. My primary interests are neural networks (particularly GANs), natural language processing, financial machine learning, and arts computing. I will finish in January 2022.

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